Popular OTC Diet Pills and Weight Loss Supplements in the USA

There are a multitude of OTC diet pills and weight loss supplements available. Although some of these products have been studied in clinical trials claiming they aid weight loss, the majority of OTC diet pills and weight loss supplements have not been FDA approved as their real clinical effectiveness is unknown. Nonetheless, OTC diet pills and supplements are still very popular options to help achieve those weight loss goals. Easy diets to lose weight fast is a safer option.

FDA Approved Over-the-Counter (OTC) Diet Pills for Weight Loss – Alli

The only FDA approved diet pill available Alli, which has been shown to clinically stimulate weight loss when used in conjunction with diet and exercise in obese people or overweight people with associated risk factors, such as diabetes or hypertension. Alli contains the weight loss drug called orlistat – a lipase inhibitor that acts in the gut to block the absorption of fat. Orlistat is also the active ingredient that is contained in the prescription weight loss drug Xenical, which has been available for many years. Since the availability of Alli in 1998, this OTC diet pill has gone on to become a very popular weight loss supplement in the USA.

Other Popular OTC Diet Pills and Weight Loss Supplements

Many other OTC diet pills and supplements are available that claim to help with weight loss by boosting metabolism and/or stimulating a feeling of fullness. Although their effectiveness is questionable, the following OTC diet pills and weight loss supplements are proving to be very popular:

  • Hoodia gordonii extract comes from a South African plant that is cactus-like in nature and contains the naturally occurring appetite suppressant called P57. This type of drug stimulates the central nervous system and helps to achieve a feeling of fullness. Hoodia gordonii extract is available in diet pills marketed under several brand names, including SlimQuick Hoodia, Hoodia Sure and HoodiaMax Plus. The purity of the Hoodia gordonii extract within these weight loss drugs can vary considerably.
  • Dexatrim is a weight loss supplement that contains the stimulants phenylpropanolamine and caffeine, as well as the antioxidants chromium and Panax ginseng. There is also a ‘natural’ version of Dexatrim, which lacks the two former ingredients. The Dexatrim range of products is available in different pill forms or as a powder that can be added to water to make a weight loss shake. Dexatrim claims to assist in weight loss by suppressing appetite as well as boosting metabolism.
  • Zantrex-3 is available as a weight loss pill in two different formulations – Extreme Energy and Fat Burner – as well as Powder Crystals form to make a diet drink. Extreme Energy diet pill and Powder Crystals are both weight loss supplements that contain many different stimulants, including extracts of Yerba Mate, Guarana, Damiana, Kola nut and caffeine, all of which may help suppress the appetite. The weight loss supplements also contain various antioxidants to help boost metabolism, including ginseng and green tea leaf extract. Zantrex-3 Fat Burner contains ingredients that are said help break down fat deposits, such as extracts from blood orange, grapefruit, sweet orange and bitter orange, all of which have antioxidant properties. Fat Burner stimulants to help reduce appetite include Guarana extract, Rhodiola rosea extract and caffeine (trimethylxanthine).

Which OTC Diet Pill or Weight Loss Supplement to Chose?

There are many diet pills and weight loss supplements for overweight people to choose from to help with weight loss. Although some of these are of natural origin, they still may contain agents that stimulate the central nervous system and therefore have unwanted side effects. On the other hand, Alli is a synthetic weight loss drug, but mainly acts within the gut, so is not associated with the many side effects seen with other centrally acting weight loss products. Alli does however, have other unpleasant side effects, such as increased flatulence and faecal urgency.

One must weigh up their options carefully before embarking on a weight loss programme that includes OTC diet pills or supplements, consulting their pharmacist or doctor if they have any queries. It must also be noted that the use of such products should be in conjunction with a sensible diet and exercise regimen.