5 Must Know Tips for Purchasing Bank Owned Homes

Real estate is local except when it comes to bank owned homes where it suddenly becomes national. This is because the lenders selling these homes are neither aware nor concerned with local nuances, instead opting for standardized addenda designed to amend the purchase contract into one appropriate across multiple states.

Differences still remain from state to state but these tips generally will smooth the way for those who wish to buy a lender owned property:

1.Know the Local Market

Market conditions vary wildly not just from state to state but from city to city. In many areas and at many price points, bank owned homes are selling in a matter of a few days at full list price or higher. Knowing the state of the local real estate market up front is the key to knowing how quickly a purchase offer need be made and at what price.Ask local real estate agents for help.

2.Recognize Price Has Meaning

Depending on the condition of the property, what seems like a bargain soon came become quite pricey once the additional costs of even cosmetic items such as new paint and flooring is added to the list price. Buyers need to recognize up front that homes priced below comparable properties likely are priced lower for specific reasons.

3.Understand the Lenders’ Motivation

While it’s true lenders don’t want to carry real estate owned – REOs – on their books, it’s also true that they are not willing to give homes away for pennies on the dollar regardless of the local cocktail party chatter. Lenders generally only will sell at close to market value, or what they perceive as market value, even if this means they reject offers at price points now that they would be happy to accept later. Illogical, but true.

4.Bank Owned Home Sales are As Is

Purchases of bank owned homes are nearly universally as is sales – what a buyer sees at the time a purchase offer is written is what they get at the close. Some lenders will make repairs required by the buyers’ lender in the case of FHA or VA loans but not all, leaving many foreclosed homes ineligible for those types of financing.

5.Home Inspections are Critical

While lenders won’t make repairs to bank owned properties, it’s still vitally important for buyers to have a professional home inspection conducted to determine the home’s true condition. An up-front cost of a couple hundred dollars can save thousands in repair bills later.

While the basics of the transaction on a bank owned purchase are similar to buying a traditional resale home, there are distinct differences that can cost the unprepared buyer time and money. Buyers should take care to check with a local real estate professional who can guide them through the slightly more complicated bank owned purchase process.

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The Big Breakfast Diet: A Moderate Low-Carb Diet: Eating a High-Carb Breakfast Helps Dieters Lose More Weight

Researchers at Virginia Commonwealth University found that after eight months, women who followed a “Big Breakfast Diet” lost more weight than women who followed a more traditional low-carb diet. They monitored patients heart rate using  best heart rate monitors reviews online. In this big-breakfast diet, roughly half a day’s calories were eaten at a high-carbohydrate breakfast and a more traditional low-carb plan was followed the rest of the day.

Big Breakfast Diet At A Glance

This diet requires a large high-carb breakfast totaling about 600 calories to promote satiety and help control eating the rest of the day. Lunch and dinner are low-carb, and protein is included in all meals and snacks. Some fat is acceptable, and total caloric intake equals between 1,200 and 1,300 calories daily.

The Big Breakfast

Eat about half of a day’s calories during breakfast. All the calories do not have to be eaten at one sitting, but they should be eaten between when a dieter wakes and 9 a.m. Unlike a classic low-carb diet, breakfast can include fruit, bread and cereal. A typical breakfast is cereal with milk, fruit, two slices of bread, cheese, ham or turkey slices and chocolate.

Lunch and Dinner

Lunch and dinner must be kept low carb. Proteins and non-starchy vegetables that fall on the low end of the glycemic index make up the bulk of these meals. A sample lunch or dinner meal would be a few ounces of beef, chicken, fish or pork with a side salad or green vegetables such as broccoli or green beans. Lunch and dinner should each equal about 300 or 400 calories, leaving little room for too much fat or too many carbohydrates.

Support for a Moderate-Carbohydrate Diet

The big-breakfast diet includes a lot of protein, which promotes a feeling of fullness. In addition, a sizable breakfast can help control snacking, cravings and unplanned eating later in the day, making it easier to stick to the diet.

The USDA recommends 130 grams of carbohydrates per day for optimal health, so the addition of carbohydrates in the morning to this otherwise low-carb meal plan may also encourage better health.

There is also some evidence through cyclical ketogenic diets that cycling carbohydrates in and out of the diet by laternating carboydrate inclusion in certain meals or on certain days can help with fat loss.

Diet Background

The 94 women in this study were sedentary, obese and mostly in the 30s, and half of the participants were placed on the big-breakfast diet. Other people may need more or less calories per day to lose weight depending on age, starting weight, level of activity and medical conditions.

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Popular OTC Diet Pills and Weight Loss Supplements in the USA

There are a multitude of OTC diet pills and weight loss supplements available. Although some of these products have been studied in clinical trials claiming they aid weight loss, the majority of OTC diet pills and weight loss supplements have not been FDA approved as their real clinical effectiveness is unknown. Nonetheless, OTC diet pills and supplements are still very popular options to help achieve those weight loss goals. Easy diets to lose weight fast is a safer option.

FDA Approved Over-the-Counter (OTC) Diet Pills for Weight Loss – Alli

The only FDA approved diet pill available Alli, which has been shown to clinically stimulate weight loss when used in conjunction with diet and exercise in obese people or overweight people with associated risk factors, such as diabetes or hypertension. Alli contains the weight loss drug called orlistat – a lipase inhibitor that acts in the gut to block the absorption of fat. Orlistat is also the active ingredient that is contained in the prescription weight loss drug Xenical, which has been available for many years. Since the availability of Alli in 1998, this OTC diet pill has gone on to become a very popular weight loss supplement in the USA.

Other Popular OTC Diet Pills and Weight Loss Supplements

Many other OTC diet pills and supplements are available that claim to help with weight loss by boosting metabolism and/or stimulating a feeling of fullness. Although their effectiveness is questionable, the following OTC diet pills and weight loss supplements are proving to be very popular:

  • Hoodia gordonii extract comes from a South African plant that is cactus-like in nature and contains the naturally occurring appetite suppressant called P57. This type of drug stimulates the central nervous system and helps to achieve a feeling of fullness. Hoodia gordonii extract is available in diet pills marketed under several brand names, including SlimQuick Hoodia, Hoodia Sure and HoodiaMax Plus. The purity of the Hoodia gordonii extract within these weight loss drugs can vary considerably.
  • Dexatrim is a weight loss supplement that contains the stimulants phenylpropanolamine and caffeine, as well as the antioxidants chromium and Panax ginseng. There is also a ‘natural’ version of Dexatrim, which lacks the two former ingredients. The Dexatrim range of products is available in different pill forms or as a powder that can be added to water to make a weight loss shake. Dexatrim claims to assist in weight loss by suppressing appetite as well as boosting metabolism.
  • Zantrex-3 is available as a weight loss pill in two different formulations – Extreme Energy and Fat Burner – as well as Powder Crystals form to make a diet drink. Extreme Energy diet pill and Powder Crystals are both weight loss supplements that contain many different stimulants, including extracts of Yerba Mate, Guarana, Damiana, Kola nut and caffeine, all of which may help suppress the appetite. The weight loss supplements also contain various antioxidants to help boost metabolism, including ginseng and green tea leaf extract. Zantrex-3 Fat Burner contains ingredients that are said help break down fat deposits, such as extracts from blood orange, grapefruit, sweet orange and bitter orange, all of which have antioxidant properties. Fat Burner stimulants to help reduce appetite include Guarana extract, Rhodiola rosea extract and caffeine (trimethylxanthine).

Which OTC Diet Pill or Weight Loss Supplement to Chose?

There are many diet pills and weight loss supplements for overweight people to choose from to help with weight loss. Although some of these are of natural origin, they still may contain agents that stimulate the central nervous system and therefore have unwanted side effects. On the other hand, Alli is a synthetic weight loss drug, but mainly acts within the gut, so is not associated with the many side effects seen with other centrally acting weight loss products. Alli does however, have other unpleasant side effects, such as increased flatulence and faecal urgency.

One must weigh up their options carefully before embarking on a weight loss programme that includes OTC diet pills or supplements, consulting their pharmacist or doctor if they have any queries. It must also be noted that the use of such products should be in conjunction with a sensible diet and exercise regimen.

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How Does Keyword Stuffing and Keyword Density Affect Your SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a part of website construction. It is a technique used to format your content and web page code that makes it more readable by search engines such as Google. The keyword research you do to find content is based off of the phrases used to search for content. Keyword research helps you find the best matches from the Google keyword tool to help readers find your website. However, aggressive SEO methods such as keyword stuffing can negatively impact your Google rating.


Keyword Finder and Website Contents

The keyword finder tool is typically the Google Adwords Keyword Tool. Google has a public page that all users can view, or you can sign up for an Adwords account and have access to better statistics. You find the keywords that match user searches. This tool is used by most affordable small business SEO experts and content writers. Continue reading How Does Keyword Stuffing and Keyword Density Affect Your SEO

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Real Estate: Notes from the Trenches – Think Open House

Whether you are a prospective home buyer or seller, an open house is a valuable tool. As a Realtor in Raleigh, North Carolina, I have held hundreds of open houses over the years. My experience has shown there are no hard and fast rules for an open house to be successful, although there are some helpful guide lines.

Setting the Stage

A home should look lived in, but always a little less lived in for the few hours it is on display. Untidy rooms, especially the kitchen and bath rooms, can be a major distraction. Families with children are used to seeing kids toys, so you needn’t go overboard trying to make a home look perfect. The key is to imagine yourself as the prospective buyer, and take it from there with the help of Dallas real estate agents.

What Convinced You? Continue reading Real Estate: Notes from the Trenches – Think Open House

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How to clean an automatic coffee maker

Even the best-kept coffee maker can turn out to be the most dangerous appliance in your home. Not only does it provide a perfect breeding ground for coliform bacteria and mold, but it’s also prone to malfunctioning. Keeping this in mind, we talk about how to clean an automatic coffee maker.

Why It Is Important To Clean Your Coffee Maker

automatic coffee makerEven the most advanced coffee maker needs to be cleaned regularly in order to remove leftover coffee oils and water deposits. However, a 2011 NSF study found that most people still don’t consider their favorite machine a breeding ground for dangerous microorganisms. But studies prove otherwise.

By being moist and generally warm, these all-important machines can house colonies of dangerous microorganisms which can cause sickness if left unchecked Yet according to the National Coffee Association, a good number of single-serve coffee brewers forget to clean their appliances on a regular basis. Continue reading How to clean an automatic coffee maker

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